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External Wall Insulation

SempreTherm is an External Wall Insulation System (ETIC) with render coatings. The product has been given NSAI Agrément Certificate No. 11/0358 and European Technical Approval no. ETA-08/0316 issued in accordance with guidelines of European Technical Approvals ETAG 004: 2000.

SempreTherm external wall insulation system providing external walls with appropriate thermal insulation to increase durability of external walls by ensuring better protection from weather.

The thermal insulation technology consists in fixing thermal insulation made of foamed polystyrene boards to the substrate and preparation of a reinforced layer, a render coating and, optionally, a paint coating on the insulation.

SempreTherm can be used only as an adhered system or as an adhered system with additional mechanical fixing. The system can be applied on new or existing external surfaces of vertical building wall (plastered or not) made of masonry or adhered materials, such as bricks and blocks (ceramic, lime-sand, stone, cellular concrete), or of concrete (poured at the construction site or in the form of prefabricated elements). It can also be fixed on surfaces of horizontal or tilted structural elements provided that they are not directly exposed to precipitation. These may include ceilings over passages, internal walls and roofs (on the ceiling’s side) of garages or cellars adjacent to heated rooms.

Layer arrangement in SempreTherm system

  1. Primary fixing
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. Additional fixing
  4. Reinforced layer
  5. Priming mass
  6. Render coating
  7. Priming preparations
  8. Paint coating
Parameters of the system and its individual parts ensure that all technical, usable and utilisation requirements assumed for the intended use are met by correctly designed and constructed thermal insulation.
In respect of reaction to fire, SempreTherm system has been classified according to EN 13501-1 as: B - s1, d0 for the system with foamed polystyrene board not exceeding 150 mm thickness, finished with Sempre Tesoro Acrylic or Sempre Maresil Polysilicate Renders.
Water absorbability of the reinforced layer and individual finishing layers specified after 24 h in each variant does not exceed 0.5 kg/m2; therefore, the system is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. SempreTherm system is also fully resistant to thermal-humid cycles.
In respect of the impact strength, with one layer of glass fibre mesh, the system has been classified for I class impact resistance category for Sempre Tesoro Acrylic Render and II class impact resistance for Sempre Maresil Polysilicate Render. If correctly designed, the system prevents surface and internal water vapour condensation.
Diffusion resistance, expressed in equivalent thickness of air layer Sd of the finishing layer in the system (including a paint coating) is 0.93 m for the Tesoro Acrylic Render and 0.22 m for Maresil Polysilicate Render. The manufacturer declares that adhesion between the reinforced layer and thermal insulation and the adhesive and thermal insulation is no less than 0.08 MPa (Sempre Universal TU-200), whereas between the adhesive and substrate (concrete) – no less than 0.25 MPa (Sempre Adhesive TS-100 Start). Thermal resistance of the finishing layer of the system (the reinforced layer with the plaster coating). Render is ca. 0.02 m2 K/W.
External Wall Insulation on a house in Athlone - Before and After
External Wall Insulation on a house in Longford - Before and After

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